01 March 2008

.357 STRiNG BAND: Settin' the bluegrass on fire with psychobilly matches!

Ma! Them punkass kids are all hopped up on stump likker and west coast turnarounds and won't stop playin' Uncle Dave and GnR covers! Call the elite bluegrass cops!

Now you gotta figure that if Ol' Bill Monroe didn't mind Elvis giving his a songs a swift kick in it's white hatted hiney that he'd not mind .357 String Band either. Although Elvis was a bit more of a fancy lad than .357 String Band. One of the many things I dig about the .357 boys, who hail from Milwaukee by the way, is the lack of bullsht and pretense. I don't want to go to trashing other neugrass bands, they all have their value and skills and I respect them for that but if I had a choice between seeing .357 String Band and one of the other new crop of young punk-inspired grassers i'd sure as hell choose .357. Why? Simple. They play like they mean it and they Are IT not like they are studying it. Amphetamine Fueled street grass? Damn straight.

.357 String Band play The Deep Blues Festival Friday July 18th 2008.

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