21 April 2008


The one man band hand of Jawbone can not be touched. It ain’t no damned monkeypaw. No man’s desert sound. Ol’ timer came down from the old country Detroit carcrash mountaintop of tortured thieves and jilted lovers pre-stripped. Unmined. Holler’d out. Jawbone eat and Jawbone talk. Jawbone eat you with knife and fork. Don’t go huntin’ for Jawbone down in the dark. You’ll have trouble on your doorstep. Jawbone got snake in his blood, blood on his hound. Wormwood whiskey women and war. A 1000 year old foot of burnished brass comin’ down running like a man. His healing hand holding a hatchet. Like Jesus everybody wants to know his name. Some call Bullcat. Some call on Rooster. Big Chief. Daddy. Jawbone call down Dr.Isaiah, and Charlie, and Rankin’Jeffrey Lee. Rice. Sonny. Dock. Woody. Poole. Emmett. Takes all them to blow out that candle and make that big ol’ tombstone hihatbassdrum rock down moaning low and ride that steel slide downtown. Jawbone strap up that blue harp, that wind blown pine, that Hillstomp, that ol’ possum, that black noon Wolf howl that all kin of earth, hill-folk, city-folk, and country-folk alike will wail because of him.

Jawbone will shake you down Friday July 18th at aprox. 2pm @ THE DEEP BLUES MUSiC and FiLM FESTiVAL. Jawbone has this to say about be asked to play our one of a kind international punk blues pow wow: "I'm honored to have been chosen to be a part of this summer's Deep Blues Festival in Minneapolis/St. Paul for the weekend of July 18-20. The lineup for this year is amazing, including the likes of T-Model Ford, Black Diamond Heavies, Bob Log III, Hillstomp, Scott Biram...you can check out the myspace page for the festival for the down-and-dirty details." No way jawbone. The Pleasure is all ours buddy!

Both albums (and tons more awesome merch) are available from
Jawbone's website as well!


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