13 April 2008

Deep Blues Film Festival Presents: THE FOLK SiNGER

I am thrilled to announce that German film maker M.A. Littler of Slowboat Films will present his new film The Folk Singer at The Deep Blues Festival this year. I think you'll agree that Mr.Littler's film is a perfect match for our lil' punkass music and film fest thang.

A Tale of God, Love & Redemption
Year: 2008 / work in progress
Genre: Semi-Fictional Film
Format: HD
Duration: 100 minutes
Synopsis: Troubled by religious demons, anger, doubt and the need to supply for his unborn child folk blues singer Jon embarks on a gruesome month long tour through Texas and Louisiana. Armed with nothing but a fiddle, a banjo and a beaten up suitcase, Jon hits the road. Throughout his journey he crosses paths with musical peers, Honky Tonk propietors, country folk & religious mavericks. The road leads him from small town bars and Honky Tonks to a dismal New Orleans motel room where it comes to a final clash between Jon and his demons.
The film features Possessed By Paul James, Steve Dean, Scott H. Biram, Tom VandenAvond, Ghostwriter, Rev. Davis, Rev. Deadeye & Miss Eliza Jane, Soda, Cade Callahan, Drew Landry & many more...

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