27 July 2008


The official word has come down that Chris Johnson will begin putting together Deep Blues Festival 2009. It's size and shape depends on one thing: YOU!

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Deep Blues Presales 2009

Thanks to all the bands, fans, sponsors, and volunteers for making the past two festivals so much fun.

We've grown quite a bit and learned a lot, but it has been hard to forecast the ticket sales for this unique event.

The size of the 2009 Deep Blues Festival will be determined by the support of the fans and sponsors we can sign up over the next several months. If you believe in this music and event, use the paypal link below to purchase your 2009 ticket now for $100. Sometime after the first of the year, we'll set the festival budget accordingly, and let you know the lineup and details.

It will take five or six hundred fans to sign up to do a similar 3 day event for 2009. We'll just have to scale up or down depending on how many are willing to sign up in advance. I can't promise that there will be any tickets sold after we stop this presale and set the budget. Don't miss out. Tell your friends.

photo of Bob Log III by Rick Saunders

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