05 July 2008

HiLLSTOMP will rock the hell outta The Deep Blues Festival. and you?

Portland Oregon's Hillstomp will play The Deep Blues Festival Saturday July 19th. They are scheduled to play between Pearlene and Buffalo Killers. I feel sorry for 'em. Pearlene and Buffalo Killers that is. As I wrote before it rained like hell at the last DBF. We got pounded some freak storm and I was damn surprised we didnt get pummeled by hail. But for one brief moment during Hillstomp's set the sun came out. I don't know how they did it. All I can figure is That Which Cannot Be Imagined must have felt the joy in the people dancing and the power and the joy in Hillstomp and the moon aligned with mars or something. These guys are magik. Don't believe me?
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