15 August 2008


Y'all know i've posted about Memphis master luthier (that's gitar maker to you) and all-around good dude/madman before. Well Johnny has been super generous towards DBF and donated one of his one-string Lowebows as a give away to one of the first One Hundred ticket buyers for Deep Blues 2009.

My pal Mutt says about his Lowebow:

"...after playing my Lowebow...no fauxbow could come close...the sound is so deep and rich it's amazing...nothing like it on the planet...don't even try to make your own...it won't come close....buy one from John...he wraps his own bottle cap pickups...it's the Les Paul of cigarbox gits."

Will You be THE ONE to take this gorgeous custom one-string Lowebow home?! Check out the video below for more info!

For tickets to Deep Blues Festival 2009 go HERE! Buy a t-shirt while yr at it!

Check out my previous post on Johnny Lowebow HERE!

Watch my videos of Johnny Lowebow live in Daytona HERE.

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