14 September 2008

<---The World Boogie of MARKUS JAMES--->

Photo of Markus James with Tinariwen stolen from HERE

Markus James is building a bridge. No teetering one-man wooden bridge mind you but a four lane gravel-topped super highway between/from Mississippi to Mali to Cali. Following some big sturdy footprints of others who have done their fair brilliant share doing the grading (see Luther Dickenson and Othar Turner's work Senegalese musicians on Senegal to Senatobia), laying the ground work (see Robert Plant and Justin Adams work at Mali's Festival In The Desert) and supports (see Peter Gabriel's Womad Festival among others) Mr. James, continues this one-world drive in a natural hybrid that is neither leaning overly african nor american yet keeps the depth, mystery, and strive for modernity and chance-taking of both while keeping the hard deep roots of each firmly intact.
World Boogie is no longer coming, folks. World Boogie is here.

Markus James on MySpace
Markus James OnLine

You can BUY Markus James albums Timbuktuobab, Calabash Blues, Nighbird, and Where You Wanna Be from Amazon.

The tracks below were taken from his latest titled Snakeskin Violin.

Soon MP3

PS- Thanks to Doug Tolbert and Dj Hillfunk for hipping me to Markus James!

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Stacy said...

markus and crew are playing Eugene on October 14 at the WOW Hall.

go see them.