28 October 2008


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Got an email from DL today. Read On:

"A couple of weeks back Rick emailed me about a documentary project I worked on in the Delta that he wanted to post to his blog. This past Sunday I updated the site and loaded all the recordings I made with Mr. Timothy Louis Gates in Clarksdale. He owns a piano repair shop and plays at churches in and around Coahoma County. But that doesn't even begin to describe the man. I hope to return next year with better recording equipment and a few songs of my own to share."

Click here to view: DELTA DREAM
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Mr. Timothy Louis Gates & The St.Paul Missionary Baptist Choir

"Derek Lee Anderson works every other month for The Independent Weekly in Durham, NC, while operating as a freelance photographer specializing in editorial, travel, portrait and photojournalism work for various publications and clients. He is available for assignments anywhere."

I became acquainted with DL Anderson when he contacted me for some background help on an assignment taking shots of jukes and musicians etc in Mississippi, after he had checked out my old Deep Blues site. (which still stands but will eventually be folded into this blog). I directed him to other folks that I knew could help him and that was that. So I thought. Eventually I saw the piece written which included his photos and I was knocked out. So lush and rich. I'm a sucker for saturated colors and DL is a champ. His black and whites are just as deep. I rank him with Bill Steber and Birnie Imes.


DL ANDERSON: photos from Delta Dream Express

T-Model Ford- Chickenhead Man Live @ KCRX MP3

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