21 December 2008


Watch as Switzerland's Hell's Kitchen proceeds to kick your alt-blues lovin' ass:

I wrote the following about Hell's Kitchen a couple years back:


Hell's Kitchen crawled out of the dank forests and steamin' stankass swamps of Geneva Switzerland aka the Land of Dirty snowy fkdup blues. Sure as the twist in the devil's tail you'd never hardly know it. Their 2005 release Doctor's Oven Combinine's the most diabolical and base elements of Mssr's Waits and Beefheart with the shtbug rollin' styles of Mr. Rural Burnside and the unspeakable grease , grime , and bits of rotten fruit, blue tainted loose meats (possibly fattened possum), noodles and metal shavings found in the bottom of their sodden black ceramic sink Hells Kitchen whomp up a stew that is deep, satisfying and darkly thrilling if not downright dangerous. In short one of the best cds of the last couple years.

PS- My oldest lad Roscoe sez that when he looks at the cover of this cd he thinks that it's a cool kitchen that cooks dead fish in a stinky house and roasts it into a square of garbage. indeed

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