26 March 2009

PAT THOMAS Is Truly His Father's Son

Pat Thomas hails from Leland, Missisippi. That's on Highway 61 south of Clarksdale between Greenville and Indianola. His pop was the late artist/musician James "Son" Thomas. Pat, an artist/musician like his father, has a lovely soulful high lonesome voice that sails somewhere near Skip James at times and falls to John Lee Hooker's earth at others. Mr. Thomas has a fine, thoughtful, economic, and powerful acoustic guitar sound (though he plays electric on two tracks on His Father's Son). Although most of Pat's repertoire comes from songs he heard his father play, he makes each song his own. Songs on this new set range from the haunting Cairo Blues to the joyous instrumental romp of Leland's Burning Down to the moving Rainbow At Midnight. Recorded beautifully by Bill Abel whose recordings somehow bring you right in to the room this is another (as they all are) Must Own release by Broke and Hungry Records.

PS- Pat Thomas has two previously unreleased songs on the upcoming
Volume Two of the soundtrack from the wonderful documentary M For Mississippi.
You can read my review of M For Mississippi HERE

You can buy His Father's Son by Pat Thomas HERE
Mr. Thomas also appears in the documentary M FOR MiSSiSSiPPi available HERE

Pat Thomas- His Father's Son: Rainbow at Midnight MP3
Pat Thomas- His Father's Son: Leland's Burning Down MP3
Pat Thomas- M For Mississippi soundtrack Volume One: Woman I Love MP3


Ben Smithson said...

Hey Rick! Great post on Pat Thomas. I'm a grad student at the University of Texas at Dallas and I'm assembling a (student) video project and I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. I'd like to use one of Pat's songs in my video. Any advice?

Tonia sellers said...

Hey Rick, I had the surreal pleasure of hearing & meeting Pat last weekend in Clarksdale. I have fallen head over heals with his charming blues, just came into your blog in search of more on Pat. I wanted to say thanks for posting on him, there's not much out there on these guys, the world is truly missing out!
Peace & Delta Blues Forever!