27 April 2009

Boo Boo Davis is the Name Of The Game

The liner notes of the new Boo Boo Davis album Name Of The Game say that the sound of his new album came from "a crazy idea" to lose the bass player and tour as a trio of drums, guitar and BooBoo on vocals and harp. If that's a crazy idea then here's to goin' full ape nuts.

"Unlike many modern blues bands, Boo Boo and his band focus on the groove, the feel, and the basic truths found in the blues. "

Proof: Do what you are supposed to do and ya wind up kickin' ass. I gotta admit, though, i'm over the trend of basslessness. Bass brings the sexy. Bass moves the bottom. Granted finding a bass player that isn't a frustrated guitarist and that won't play twelve notes when one note is all that is needed is difficult. But I digress. Boo Boo does indeed get down. Some folks are gonna be cranky at the harder vibe here and claim it to be rockish. What evs. That just means some folks ain't listenin' right. Boo Boo has scored a vibe that stomps and hollers between T-Model, Jimi, and Booba Barnes and other dirtier heavy weights to craft a blues at once fresh and trad. Damn fine work for a man outta Drew Mississippi who started out whompin' on empty lard cans for the family band. Carry on. The Name of The Game is Boo Boo Davis. Listen' up and learn how it's played.

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Boo Boo Online

Boo Boo Davis - Name Of The Game - Dirty Dog MP3
Boo Boo Davis - Name Of The Game - Tryin' to get ahead MP3
Boo Boo Davis - Name Of The Game - It's a shame MP3


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Chris Brown said...

Boo Boo Davis is the real deal folks.
I have known him for several years now, and played many a gig with him from Montreal to St. Louis. As they say, "often imitated, never duplicated!" Boo Boo Davis is authentic as it gets!!
Chris Brown
St. Louis, MO.