21 May 2009

Brother Biram is back!

Three years have passed since Scott H Biram's Graveyard Shift was released and a lot has changed. For Scott and for the countries he endlessly tours with his '59 Gibson. The economy has gone to hell. Folks are losing their jobs and homes. The highs and lows have been heavy for Biram as well. Love lost. Demons bitin' his ass. Leg busted in a fall at a gas station in the south of France. But he's survived it as he always does, with his black metal country gospel soul intact, and Brother Biram is back bigger, better and stronger than ever. It shows in the incredible power of his live shows but even more so in his new release Something's Wrong/Lost Forever. Biram has really taken a step forward with this release. In production, recorded wholly by Scott in his own studio, and in musical variety and melodic depth. It's still completely your unfriendly neighborhood Scott H Biram album but he's dug in that much deeper and rubbed and chafed himself that much rawer. Scott Biram brings his style of own country blues to the stump with his arms raised high as always but this time out he's assisted on three key tracks by his friends (and your'n) Van Campbell and Reverend John Wesley Myers of The Black Diamond Heavies adding just that much more soul, creed, and pure joy that raises Scott that much higher (and that much lower as needed). Scott Biram has taken some chances here, as he always does. Biram never takes the easy route on album or live. But those chances have payed off in his deliverance (in more ways than one) of the strongest and most powerful album of his career .

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I've uploaded these tracks at a lower bitrate than usual because there are certain artists that I believe deserve our hard earned cash and Scott Biram is one of 'em. You can buy Something's Wrong/ Lost Forever for cheap (CD or LTD.Ed Vinyl!) from Bloodshot Records or even cheaper mp3s (which don't sound as good as the CD let alone the vinyl ya tin ear) from iTunes.

Scott H Biram - Wild Side -
Scott H Biram - Ain't It A Shame -

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