07 May 2009

The Late Great Roosevelt "Booba" Barnes & The Playboys

Booba Barnes did of lung cancer in 1996. His first and only album was released in 1990. That album is long out of print but is available for cheap at the usual online spots. You'll also find a single recorded in 1988 that has a song not on the album. Mr. Barnes also makes a memorable appearence in the landmark 1990 documentary Deep Blues. Some will be interested to know that T-Model Ford appears on the albums track #4.

"You just think of somethin' and put it in there.
I'm a bad man. It'll be true."

"I'm going to live as long as I can and die when I can't help it."

"A lot of times, I look over the crowd and if it look like I just touch somebody...I stay on it awhile. Sometimes I get touched by it myself."
-Booba Barnes

How Long This Must Go On - MP3
Heartbroken Man - MP3
Blind Man/ I pity The Fool - MP3


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for these. I had a cassette of this album back in the mid nineties. Could you possibly post Tin Pan Alley from this album? It is one of the best blues recordings I ever heard and it blows away the SRV version.
Will C.

Rick Saunders said...

Will- Its a hassle to post the songs but if you'll send me yr email address I'll email the song to you. i'm:
ricksaunders at gmail dot com