08 July 2009


The High Plane Drifters, our men from Stockton-On-Tees, frkn WAiL! They wail like a two-man riot squad. Like it's goin' outta style. The High Plane Drifters Bring that beat back. The down beat and the beat down. The rump shakin' racket. The damned abandon. Punk rock has never been terribly sexy. It was always pretty swagger and freak-out free. High Plane Drifters bring both. The stony head trip locks step with P rock energy and makes DANGER. Enough danger that C.S.I. Miami and Breaking Bad have used HPN tracks. High Plane Drifters bring that dirty danger stateside for the first time to this years Deep Blues Festival (playing saturday July 18th) wedged between Italy's Black Smokers and East Nashville's Black Diamond Heavies. A short U.S. tour will ensue as well.

I wrote the following almost four years ago. I stand by it:
High Plane Drifters are Kings of the two-man universe. a stoogian wrayesque sonic powernuthouse guitar vs swangin' slayerific rumpus pounding beatdown drum ackackackshun + songs sung blue not writ for/by ex-10yr olds. REAL. and for the first time since everybody rightfully started giving up on bass players I almost don't miss it. Git 'em.

Cry Like A River MP3 and Electricity In My Bones MP3

Cry Like a River and Electricity In My Bones first appeared on The High Plane Drifters debut "Hot Property" E.P (DTC001) which came out on Red Vinyl in a limited run of 500 copies. It's pretty hard to get hold of now but some disparate record stores may have a copy if you're prepared to hunt around. The tracks appeared again on The High Plane Drifters debut album "Georgian Ghosts, Archer Street Blues and The Candy Factory" (DTC007) which is still available, both the tracks were picked up in the U.S.A and subsequently used in episodes of C.S.I Miami and Breaking Bad respectively.

Keep On Dancing MP3

Keep On Dancing appeared again on 7" Vinyl as a limited 500 only tour split single (DTC002) with the U.S bluesman Dooley Wilson when they toured the U.K together. THPD and Dooley Wilson each take a side and serve up 4 great tunes. A real killer 7" record.

Sweet Poppy Jean / White Star Lightning
(You can buy this wicked lil' sinner at The Deep Blues Festival or
at their various U.S. Tour stops w/The Black Diamond Heavies!)
Sweet Poppy Jean and White Star Lightning are being released on July 6th 2009 as a downloadable single to correspond with The High Plane Drifters first tour of the U.S.A which sees them take in many cities touring with The Bohannons and The Black Diamond Heavies as well as an appearance at this years 3rd Annual Deep Blues Festival in Minnesota.

You can buy High Plane Drifters recordings HERE

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