07 October 2009


Jukka "Black River Bluesman" Juholla and the Croaking Lizard
combo destroyed the woods and mountains around their tiny hometown of Mustio, Finland by carving their guitars, drums, and harmonicas from whole ironwood trees with their bare hands and using John Henry's twelve pound hammer (with four foot handle) they beat those mountains down for the brass, silver, and iron (and coal to fire this thing) ti fashion the rest of the parts they needed. When they were finished they stomped their thirst with R.L. Burnside's Bloody Motherfucker and sat down in the full moon light at that crossroads between Holly Springs Mississippi, Mustio, and County Kisko to play their raw dirty beautiful blues.

PS- How to make R.L. Burnside's Bloody Motherfucker:
V8 juice and Jack Daniels.
R.L. sez "You have to put in more whisky than juice or it's not a bloody motherfucker!".

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