10 November 2009

The Music of: THE ACES

Really, I shouldn't dig these guys as much as I do. But I can't help myself. Everybody knows I got issues with harmonica players. They rarely know when to shut the hell up and let the song breath. The Aces harp man/singer Sky O'Bannion (I actually googled to see if he copped his name from a celluloid cowboy/super hero. Nope) gets my gripe and gives his fellow Aces plenty of room to breath and roll and that is seriously refreshing. Not enough bands understand that what you don't play is just as important as what you do. The Aces get it. If you're the type to judge the book by it's cover
you might think The Aces are just
another Cali standard blues act. But to think that would be wrong. Yeah, they play in a more traditional form than a lot of the blues bands I dig but they also
rock it in a manner more coarse and driven than what I hear from the straighter, safer blues crews. Fact is they did quite well at the 2009 International Blues Challenge in Memphis placing
in the top ten. Represent Sacto! This stylish and bass-less two guitar + drums n' harp unit happily gives trad blues a shiny sharp toed boot square in it's musty dusty emasculated-by-corporate-interests nethers and sends it forward into the past. That The Aces can achieve such a fine balance of rawass juke blues wrapped tight in a stylin' honest package is to be commended. The Aces would be just at home scaring the local blues society as they would be slappin' it down on The Deep Blues Festival stage. Their material is original and smart (they play almost no covers) and the sound is fresh and dark. I've been aware of these fellas for a few years now and things ain't always been bright. They've seen the dark end of the street, hence they know damn well of what they sing and play and they bring the sound what it feels like to be dangerously down. The Aces are a very live and tight hard working American blues band whose time has come. Today. The Aces are overblown, overdriven, and in complete control playing their un-modern blues in a fresh old modern way. That's how we like it. Check 'em.

The Aces debut album "No One Rides For Free" is available NOW
from yr friends at CDbaby!

You Stole Something From Me

Shed Some Light On Me

Knee Deep In Mud

Drinkin' Song

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