03 November 2009


Good gawd what hath Sweden begot? Dogbreath is a taut n' hot, heavy punksoulaltblues thing from the land of whatever the hell happens over there. Dirty swede-filtered 'merican pants shakin' skirt liftin' blueblack rock and roll soul music from tomorrow played hard & husky. A beast with the soul of early Prince, the heart of D.Boon, the sexy hands of the Gang Of Four, and the throat & balls of the Wolf with a taste of the brains of each. Contorted pop sipping blues chugging post-Troutmask era Beefheart VS pre-Double Nickles era Minutemen-ness is what i'm talkin' about. Swede-style Burnside hill-stomp punk available in Xtra-crunchy and chunky-smooth.

I wrote the following about them after the release of their first album in 2004
(Now available as a FREE download from the DOGBREATH website!):

They rock much harder and groove far deeper than any band from Solleftea Sweden has a right too.
But then you remember Oh Yeah! Solleftea is a sister city to Madison Mississippi and it all makes sense.
Their album is the hottest thirty-four minutes I've spent in a very long time.
Mere words cannot do it justice. Only volume can. You'll soon find out why Solleftea is home to the worlds longest 2X4!

Three albums and an ep under their shiny black heavy leather hand hewn belts, Dogbreath shake their full figured alt-boogie 'til it starts to burn. These are the Swedish dudes yr mother warned you about.

Their new album Pale Face Baby is available HERE
DogBreath @ MySpace
DogBreath OnLine

Dogbreath has more -than-graciously given me permission to allow
You to steal these MP3s.
Do iT then send them a Thank You note like yr mama taught ya.
A freakin' albums worth.

Say thank you.

DOGBREATH - Gotta Go - MP3 from Taste It!
DOGBREATH - Gonna Be Me - MP3 from Dogbreath
DOGBREATH - Run Cold - MP3 from This Time ep
DOGBREATH - Around - MP3 from Dogbreath
DOGBREATH - Fuck It Up - MP3 from Taste It!
DOGBREATH - Stupid Itch - MP3 from Pale Face baby
DOGBREATH - A Heart That Breaks - MP3 from Pale face Baby

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Ulf Kjell Gür said...

It’s a bluessong which, no matter how many listeners it will ever have, will never have enough.