01 January 2010


Dirty Blues Trash Hillbilly Country De Bon Gout!

From the MySpace page:

"Cowpunx From Hell was two one man bands,
namely Wasted Pido from Venezia and Sheriff Perkins
from Paris, rampaging Italy from north to south
during spring of '09, in collusion with The Tease Cavern
from Venezia, Bruno Gourdo from Friuli and
Number 71 Band from Napoli.

Cowpunx From Hell is a desperate movie
by Wasted Pido about One Man Bands,
Rock'n'Roll, Sin, Road and Redemption.

Cowpunx From Hell remains the same two
lone gunners, planning the ransacking of the West
of France in the winter of '10 with such franc-tireurs as
The Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger from Tours,
Bud MacMuffin from Niort, Birds Are Alive
from Nantes and Anthony "Wild" Turkish from Padova.

They is back, so you best get prepared,
cause you is next in line! "

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