07 January 2010


photo by Lou Bopp!

Mr. Holmes , owner/operator of one of Mississippi's last juke joints The Blue Front Cafe, has just released Ain't It Lonesome, his third album of rock solid Bentonia-Mississippi brand (he learned to play studying the playing of the late Jack Owens) / Holmes-style lonesome hypno blues and boogie. No surprises here and that's great. He's got his thing, his late night juke thing, and he does it like most don't know how to do anymore. If they ever did. Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, along with his record label put out nothing but quality rough and raw blues from the old school before the Chicago crew and it's supplanters took over the corner.  I could spend all day telling you about what this ain't but i'd rather tell you what it is and that's unrefined 100% natural no added ingredients U.S. Grade A quality serious heartbreakin' lonesome rompin' stompin' beautiful blues. I really hate to beat a dead mule any more than it's got to be beat but Mr. Holmes and Broke and Hungry Records are what you should expect to find when you open the Wiki page to BLUES.

PS- Jimmy "Duck" Holmes appears in the essential blues documentary M For Mississippi
Trailer ONE   Trailer TWO   BUY iT!

Broke and Hungry Records has been generous in allowing me to post a track from each of Jimmy "Duck" Holmes' albums for one week only.  I tried to pick out a nice overview of what Mr. Holmes does. Get 'em while you can the go to BROKE AND HUNGRY RECORDS and buy the albums. Broke And Hungry is about the last record label anywhere releasing real traditional old school blues and i'm not stretching when I say that each and every release they've done has been fantastic and something that, if you are a serious blues fan, you MUST own. Ain't nobody gettin' rich off this thing baby.


Jimmy "Duck" Holmes - All Night Long - MP3  From the NEW album Ain't It Lonesome  BUY iT!

Jimmy "Duck" Holmes - Pencil And Paper - MP3 - From the album Done Got Tired Of Tryin' BUY iT!
Jimmy "Duck" Holmes - Hard Times - MP3 - From the album Back To Bentonia BUY iT!


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