27 January 2010


The blood on Ted's face? Bad conversation with a ceiling fan while walking the bar in St.Paul. 
Did that stop him? No. It did not. He continued to the sidewalk and back to the stage and into 
the bathroom to get cleaned up a bit...and never once stopped playing. That's how it's done, kids!

Scissormen released a new recording last year called Luck In A Hurry and for some reason my lazyass never got around to hyping it to you. My cross to bear, friends. Scissormen are one of the best live shows around today. A two-piece starring Ted Drozdowski and one of his small army of evil drummer pals, they are sharp enough to slit yr fkn throat and covered with enough of the rust to make sure yr infected and enough dust of history to know how to do it. Ted is an old school sweet and vicious entertainer who'll walk the bar and stroll out to the front sidewalk like Guitar Slim all the time throwing down slide work that should make soulless precious blues shysters (who's name I shall not type) weep in envy and shame. Ted'll grab yr cell phone, yr beer bottle, yr girlfriends pocket pal and grind that guitar forward in to the past all the while followed by his drummer(s) marching Othar Turner-style across the landscape of the bar to declare victory over yr mom's sensitive weak blues. You will NEVER EVER forget that you saw them. They will not allow it. I wrote the following about Scissormen prior to Deep Blues Festival '08:

" Ted Drozdowksi's got a voice like a smoky, young and dirtier Minnesota Bobby D but plays like a coll cross between Billy Gibbons, R.L. Burnside, and some dirty dark weird combo of any number of the early masters. His playing and arrangements are endlessly inventive, surprising, intelligent and tough. As Scissormen he's backed up by a drummer that gives him space to inhale deep while still lightin' Boston brand never-burn-out matches and stomping 'em into Mississippi turpentine forest fires. "

Ted D is also a writer of some repute. Writing about and befriending R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough and others before really any one else had post-Robert Palmer. And that shows in his playing. But he's also seen and written about every band under or out of the sun so you'll hear in his playing elements of Mr. Kimbrough and Mr. Burnside but you'll also detect the sonics of Sonic Youth and Sonny Sharrock as well as those of Jesse Mae Hemphill and the aforementioned Othar Turner.  Ted knows how to be of service to the song. Weather re-beating the near war horse John The Revelator or Preachin' the blues into filthy new plows or gettin' creepy with Tupelo he'll fck it up to fit himself while still retaining it's original spark. One of the things I love about his playing style is that while his technique is beyond reproach and over your head he never  lets that get in the way of the vibe. Scissormen understand the blues have got to move you. They can play the dirtiest and the cleanest blues and all the while thrill you...and blow yr dad's mind. He cannot and should not be denied.

Oh yeah...about the album Luck In A Hurry? It's sick. A real wicked pissah. Recorded at Hi n' Dri which is Billy Conway's (former drummer for Morphine) studio in  Cambridge with a cast of several including Conway on Drums (Junior's Blues) and Dicky Barrett of The Might Mighty Bosstones (vocals on Whiskey and Mary Jane). Raw stripped and stompin' blues- the louder you play 'em the wickeder it gets. A new album is in the works but in the meantime Get Some Luck In A Hurry!

fyi: Ted is about to start work with documentary director Robert Mugge (Deep Blues, The Gospel According to Al Green ) on a film about Scissormen to be called Big Shoes.

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These tracks, posted with permission, will be up for one week.

Scissormen - Delta Train - Live @ Lounge Lizard, Cambridge Mass- MP3

Scissormen - Tupelo - Luck In A Hurry- MP3
Scissormen - Whiskey and Mary Jane - Luck In A Hurry- MP3
Scissormen - Do Wrong Man - Luck In A Hurry- MP3
Scissormen - John The Revelator - Luck In A Hurry- MP3

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