11 February 2010


Yr man Honkeyfinger has a new EP called Running On Empty. Five tracks total. Two new songs + three remixes by the infamous english DJ/Producer Andrew Weatherall. You can snag the tracks at iTUNES or order seven thick inches of vinyl direct from Honkeyfinger HQ.

How did the re-mixes with Andrew Weatherall come about?
"Well, Mr.Weatherall ended up catching one of my shows a few years ago in London - and asked me to play some guitar and associated noises on his Two Lone Swordsmen album (Wrong Meetings). So I went down and ended up contributing the rackety bits on 'Puritan Fist' - rather nice track indeed. It's worth mentioning Mr.Weatherall has incredibly eclectic taste - he DJs a killer collection of dirty R&B and R&R (as well as the dub and dance he's famous for) - So he did me the favour of playing records at the launch party for my album. The 'Running on Empty' track off said album always sounded to me like a really interesting starting point for a filthy dance tune - I thought it was worth a go. So out one nite where we were both playing I asked him if he'd be up for trying  a remix. He was indeed. It's a big leap of faith for any artist to hand over their work for someone else to create something new from it. He called me up while I was on tour in Italy playing on some weird farm to tell me how awesomely dark his remix was - and he was right. No changes - fantastic work. Even a vocal mix which is not what you usually expect from a remixer!"

What's happening with Honkeyfinger in 2010?
"Well - a year continuing the diversity of activity begun last year  I hope. That is - working with some other musicians in my 3 piece band. A second guitar, maybe bass moog, drums and percussion - and most excitingly a Gong! - for a more stretched out and slower paced psychedelic doom blues sound. Possibly an instrumental side project arising from that line-up (I did a live score for a dance performance last year which was mind-blowing) . And presently  developing material right now for a second Honkeyfinger album - which I'll set about recording just as soon as I get a break in the schedule. Got a French tour (supporting Bob Log III on a handful of dates) in February/March, Blues Rules Festival in Switzerland this May alongside some of the usual punk blues scene supsects. Unfortunately no Deep Blues this year despite the fantastic efforts of Mr. Chris Johnson- a crying shame - - but Honkeyfinger may make it over to the US if the One Festival in Denver goes ahead in a similar glorious fashion to 2009. I hope so.  . . "

Mr.Honkeyfinger tells me that you will soon be draping yourselves
in fashionable Honkeyfinger t-shirts.  Wicked.


 Running On Empty

I'm Your Witch Doctor

Running On Empty (fuzzlover mix)

Running On Empty - Andrew Weatherall Vox Mix

Running On Empty - Andrew Weatherall Dub Mix

PURCHASE a  7" slab of burly vinyl from Mr.Honkeyfinger himself
(along with the rest of the worthy Honkeyfinger catalog)
or Download from iTUNES

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Stefan Z said...

Love it! Always up for a Bit of Finger! Honkeyfinger that is...