18 March 2010

T-MODEL FORD Is Coming To Kick Your Asses!

"If I see your woman, she better have a stamp on her. 'Cus if she ain't got no stamp on her or she come 'round me looking sad or mistreated man...well, if she flag my train, I gonna let her ride."

- T-Model Ford

Eighty-eight year old T-Model Ford is back with The Ladies Man, his second acoustic album following last year's Jack Daniels Time. Recorded live in the blazing summer heat of '08 in Wichita, Kansas the album was assembled by T-Model's band GravelRoad and studio owner "Planet Paul" Carter. Mr. Carter offered to record T-Model for free. This is a raw live recording with no sweetening outside of a little mixing. All so that T-Model could have a product that was all his to make money from.

T-Model Ford is backed on this recording by two of Kansas' favorite sons of the dirty blues Moreland and Arbuckle on guitar and harmonica respectively along with GravelRoad's Stefan Zillioux on guitar and Marty Reinsel on percussion along with Starr Harris on percussion and acting as Mr. Ford's muse in residence. Assisted by T-Model's dear friend Jack Daniels they let it all hang in. The T-Model Ford classics are here like Chicken-Head Man and Two-Trains along with a couple spoken-word stories from the boss of the blues himself, and some stuff you may not have heard from The Tale Dragger before.

"Hey! See what you get baby if you don't clown. But if you clown you won't get a doggone thing!".

-T-Model Ford

This is no music for the precious and wanky-fedora-headed-claptonite-bloozers who whine about sht being out of tune and wring their hands over a guitar being japanese-made. This is primal jankety-ass rattlin' and buzzin' raw music. Sounds like they used some boxes and tubs for drums. It ain't right. But the blues ain't right. Never has been. Never will be. Thank gawd. It's flawed. This album got did as it ought to be done. By feel and vibe. And that's why I love it. And why I dig T-Model Ford and all the cats that backed him up on this album. They did it up right. Like an apple on a tree.

T-Model Ford w/GravelRoad

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I could post a couple tracks off the album but do YOU wanna tell T-Model Ford that yr ass was too cheap to buy his songs? Not me buddy.

You ever seen his hands up close? Frkn Brickbats.

The lads from GravelRoad hooked me up with some live tracks from this springs tour to give you.

Here ya go:

T-Model Ford w/GravelRoad - Live in Santa Cruz Spring Tour 2010- I Love My Baby MP3

T-Model Ford w/GravelRoad - Live in Santa Cruz Spring Tour 2010- Cut You Loose MP3

T-Model Ford w/GravelRoad - Live in Seattle @ The Comet Tavern Spring Tour 2010- I'm A Man MP3

T-Model Ford - Live on KVRX - Chickenhead Man - MP3

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