07 May 2010


Let's try and catch up with The Jooks Of Kent, shall we?  The wickedly sacrosanct huz/wife team of guitarist Tim Ray and drummer/graphic design queen Scarlett Rickard backed by homeboy/harpist Chris Simmonds are The Jooks Of Kent.  Those busy beavers of DirtySouth England blues.  The last time I wrote about the Jooks was back in the '08 upon the release of their burly freshman slab The Sun Sets On The Righteous. Since then they have released Demon Stink.  Lucky 13 tracks of punkass blues party jams built to hunch and destroy.  They have also thrown down a 5 song blast with Sao Paolo's The Jam Messengers (available via the Jooks MySpace page!).  But don't lets stop there. They also have a new ep dropping any day which will sport a 3-D cover (wif free glasses, mate)!  I told you. Dudes are busy.  

The Jooks, I should mention hail from the garden of England known as Kent which is known for it's hops gardens and home to two of England's natural national treasures, the White Cliffs of Dover and DJ Hillfunk. Y'all catchin' on now? 

Be they from the garden district the Jooks of Kent rawk the deep loamy primal.  Demon Stink style.  While Demon Stink was recorded maybe slightly less loud than the Sun Sets On The Rightous, like knobs set to 13 instead of 18, it's still an overloaded supercharged sled of deeply swaggering hairy knuckle-to-nut dragging black leather motorcycle jacket in top down august blow out.  Regulars on old blighty's Not The Same Old Blues Crap circuit of dirty blues hounds (Jooks drummer Scarlett designs NTSOBC's posters as well as The Jooks merch and album covers) they have destroyed the stage with the likes of Scott H BiramJim Jones RevueSeasick SteveDemon Stink features workouts well-crafted as early rawk howlers meet Howlin' Wolf kickin' Muddy's ass. The Fall with out the fkd-up unpredictable madness meets Jon Spencer's whatever sans the magniloquence (not that there's anything wrong with that) and brother Beefheart with more tin-can booglarizin' and less Zappa.   From the taut psalm of love gone sick in Baby What's Wrong? to the roisterous bull-doze of Big Bug Asshole to the ol' blues breakdown of Fifty Links and every track between. 

No governors just glass pack cherry bombs and the boom hunch clatter blast n' wail of a filthy blues and roll conflagration done all right to the wall. 
Hail! The Jooks of Kent! 

The Jooks of Kent @ MySpace
BUY Demon Stink @ CDBABY 
or direct from the Jooks. Send 'em a MySpace message.  
You can get shirts and the split disc w/Jam Messengers, too!

Jooks Of Kent - 3 Dogs  
Jooks Of Kent - Big Bug Asshole 
Jooks Of Kent w/Jam Messengers - Jookin'

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