17 July 2010


Massachusetts' everlovin' Ten Foot Polecats have released their first proper album entitled I Get Blamed For Everything (Hillgrass Bluebilly Records). This follows their excellent EP Sterno Soup which came as a nice dirty surprise outta nowhere. No surprises here other than TFP is a couple years harder, several thousand miles tighter, and countless gigs wickeder. A lot of bands that play blues are content to play the same ol' warhorse covers that have been beaten to death to the point they give off a stink that makes me sick. Ten Foot Polecats is a blues band that kicks the crap out of the original and gives it a new lease on life so that if your band wants to cover, say, T-Model Ford's Chickenhead Man it's TFP's version yr gonna need to contend with. But unlike a lot of other bands out there that claim to play blues TFP's originals stand just as tall and worthy as their covers. This is a band that has done it's homework at the College of Musical Knowledge but don't let that get in their way of laying down their own thing. You'll hear the Wolf prowlin' CCR's swamp and R.L. Burnside shakin' it with early seventies J.Geils Band. But all that good sexy mess is run down Ten Foot Polecats-style. TFP bring new life to three-piece blues. This ain't no toothless panama hat blues. Ten Foot Polecats bring the vibe, the groove, the mystery, and the balls that blues music must have to carry on to the coming generations. Another fine and powerful recording by one of the best blues bands out there. Hail.

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From I Get Blamed For Everything ---> BUY!
Chickenhead Man MP3
Dryspell MP3
Couple More Miles MP3

From the Sterno Soup ep ---> BUY!
Work Me MP3
Thought I Heard MP3

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