19 October 2010


Reverend KM Williams @ MySpace // CDbaby


Banjo said...

hey there mate,

Just started a blog to share thoughts on anything blues and soul. Blogging from Oz so I might be able to open up some new experiences for others. Haven't really found much on just sharing quick thoughts, ponderings or even long-winded philosophies about the music we love so much. There are a small amount of people around me I can share these thoughts with so I thought I'd try to branch out a little. Drop in and say g'day and share some thoughts of your own:


Rev KM Williams said...

Thnks for the wonderful birthday posts! It's been a very happy birthday for me! God bless you! Rev KM

Montreal Jazz Festival said...

If you like Reverend KM Williams, you might be interested in Montreal Jazz Fest's special feature on blues music! Check it out:


Montreal Jazz Festival said...

Hello ! Just a heads up that Montreal Jazz Festival has an amazing set of archives of videos of blues legends. Here is a clip from a show of John Lee Hooker and The Coast to Coast Blues Band.

Keep on the good blogging!