19 January 2011


FYI- the resonator CBG Hollowbelly is playing
is made by Cigar City Cigar Box Guitars

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Jim Mitchell said...

Hello Rick, Thank you for publishing my link with Hollowbelly's video. Building is a hobby for me so I don't spend a lot of time on my web page. I do blog about my builds at www.cigarcitycbgs.blogspot.com.

I originally built the instrument in the video for myself. When Belly contacted me about buying it. I was concerned that a 4 string resonator would not match up with his playing style. He told me he had another side, So I sold it to him. After hearing the video I was glad I did. Hollowbelly rocks the reso in ways I never thought anyone could. I am a big fan of this song.

Keni Lee Burgess has the sister build to this one. So as a builder it's really rewarding to hear my stuff in the hands of someone with great chops playing in the traditional style and now music that is edgy.......

Now that the Reverend Nix has introduced us I am looking forward to checking your blog out more often. I appreciate the amount of work that goes into blogging.. This looks like a nice place you have going here...

Thanks again,

Jim Mitchell
Cigar City CBG's