27 September 2011

THiS MAY BE MY LAST TiME SiNGiNG - Raw African-American Gospel on 45 - 1957-1982

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Willie Cotton - Stop Now ~ mp3

Elder Robert McMurray - Walk With Me ~ mp3

Prophet G Lusk - The Devil's Trying To Steal My Joy ~ mp3

With this straight up golden era,  hard,  raw,  local gospel collection ( all tracks collected from 45s ) Tompkins Square cements their footing as one of the coolest labels in the country ( yeah, there are still some record labels around that matter. ) 

 Just when you think it's all been mined, that America has given up the last Holy Ghost of gospel groups and testifying Deacons, along comes THiS MAY BE MY LAST TiME SiNGiNG - Raw African-American Gospel on 45 - 1957-1982It's a thrilling three-disc  collection that will knock out and rock out the hardcore fan, just as deeply as it will the virgin Gospel newcomer. 

It's exciting to me as a total music geek that we still have some record labels that you can trust to put out a quality product.  Tompkins Square Records is as well known  known for their gorgeous packaging design as they are for their release of Frank Fairfield albums,  a Polk Miller collection ( which I need! ), some acclaimed Charlie Louvin albums, and the amazing collection People Take Warning: Murder Ballads and Songs of Disaster 1913-1938, plus a bunch of other cool, eclectic stuff. 

This beautiful set includes an incredibly broad variety of  gospel styles within 72 tracks, a 23 page booklet that includes information about how the set was compiled, photos, and track by track annotation. What else could you want?

Do you find yourself sometimes needing
the healing power of serious gospel ? 

Go HERE and get some! 
Say Amen somebody. 

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