30 December 2011

JUNiOR KiMBROUGH - Live at Junior's Juke - Early 1990s

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Διάττων said...

I do love Junior Kimbrough !!! He is one of the many tops of the huge blues mountain range!

Besides, he is the artist who brought many changes in the blues field!
1. He really did't need (not at all) the classic 12-bar blues, he went more further.
2. He totally changed the boogie style of the great John Lee Hooker
3. He also didn't need the guitar solos. He had his own one-chord style, a style that everyone could call something like "The Meaning Of The Life" or "An Endless Trip To The Dream".
4. Finally he is the man who saved the Blues in 90's.

Oh, that's for sure. I DO LOVE JUNIOR KIMBROUGH!!! Shame on me that i have a blog (diattonsworld.blogspot.com) and i haven't made a tribute to him yet!

By the way, if you ever visit my blog, just click on the photo of the great John Lee Hooker! You 'll see it!

Well Done for your blog! Blues is the music of the heart and soul!

Sorry, for my english, i don't know this language very well. I just try to do my best (i'm from Greece)...