25 March 2012

DEEP BLUES FESTiVAL @ Bayport BBQ MSP 6-29-12 to 7-1-12 :: TiCKET iNFO!

Here's yr information from Boss Johnson RE: advance ticket sales for DBF-Bayport.
By the way i've seen the line-up and it's as amazing as you'd imagine it would be. For more info and for tickets contact Chris Johnson.

The three day festival pass is going to be $150 plus tax. This is 25 bands plus all you can eat bbq, tea and lemonade as well as getting entered into our Golden Ticket drawing. We hope to sell out all 200 three day passes, so there will not be any individual daily tickets sold.

Sales tax is $10.69 (total ticket $160.69) and if you want to pay with credit card or paypal, there is another $5.11 processing fee.(total with tax and processing $165.80)

We’re announcing the bands each day leading up to the April 5th schedule announcement and ticket sale start date. This presale gets you the first chance to purchase before we sell out and also a chance to win a pair of Golden Tickets. The Golden Ticket is a drawing to win two front row seats at both stages, two VIP musician all access passes (including the green room with alcohol), and we’re asking each band for a signed cd. You still have to purchase your ticket, but these extra perks should a nice bonus for a fan.

Let me know if you want me to send you a paypal invoice, or stop into the bbq and you can save the processing fee by paying with cash or check.

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