03 April 2012

R.L. BURNSiDE - Going Down South - Live - 1995 - Murphysboro, Illinois

Devin Miller writes:

"I recorded the audio on a $25 mini-jambox I bought at Sears, so forgiveness for the lo-fi and modulation. Musicians with R.L. including 17-year-old Cedric Burnside, Kenny Brown, and Dale Beavers (on bass). This was the second time I saw R.L. and one of four. The visuals is Super 8 film I shot that day (actually the first film I ever shot in my life). Then projected against the wall and captured with my Canon 5D Mark II for digital capture. No post processing or filters used other than cross dissolve and timing."

Kudos to DJ Hillfunk for the find!

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