24 May 2012

MOLLY GENE with THE TEN-FOOT POLE CATS - New Single: Turkey Snappin' Mama b/w Do I Move You

Yr howlin' sister Molly Gene aka The One-Whoaman Band has hooked up with her pals the Ten Foot Pole Cats for a couple new songs Turkey Snappin' Mama b/w Nina Simone's Do I Move You. You can get 'em at CD Baby and iTunes. Hopefully these'll be released on a 7" eventually. 

Jay from Solid Audio Productions explains how it all went down:

"Well, we've all been real good buddies for several years and last year we did a little touring with them and Scissormen on the way to Deep Blues Fest. Every night they (Molly Gene+Ten-Foot and Scissormen) ended the show with Old Black Mattie. They all had so much fun doing that, everyone thought the collaboration was cool, so there was always talk of doing other songs. During our last tour we had a few days off while we were staying at Jay's house outside of Boston. Molly came up with the idea for the Nina Simone song. I travel with some recording gear so we just went on down to the Polecats practice space and laid it down. A couple of days later we all met up with Scissormen to do some shows. When Molly and I first met the polecats Matt Snow was actually sitting in on drums for them, so we thought it would be fitting to have him come in and do an original (plus Matt Snow is just a badass on drums). 

 Molly called her older brother to get some stories about her grandma. The story he told was about how she was the one on the turkey farm that did all the turkey killin, that he had even seen her take a led pipe jump out of a jeep and hit two wild ones in the head in one swing. Jim whipped out those riffs and after about 6 or 8 jams on it, Turkey Snappin' Mama was born." "The whole thing is just one of those cases of "wouldn't it be cool if we did this" but we actually did do it."

Whatcha' lookin' at? Go. Get 'em!
Here's a taste:

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