19 July 2012

New Singles: A Sunshine State of Mind by The Soul of John Black

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John Bigham dba The Soul Of John Black is doing exactly what i've been talking  about to people for years. Don't release an album and leave it at that. An album is the last thing you should want to be doing. Release singles.

That's all we have time for. I'm rarely going to sit down and listen to any band for 60-75 minutes. I bet you're the same way. So, why not deliver singles? A cool colored vinyl 45 w/free download would be perfect. Or a collection of digital singles, as JB is doing, released between now and late fall. Two songs per month. You have a chance to really, actually listen to the songs for a change, while waiting for the next months single. Plus, the artist cannot slack. Delivered two songs at a time, there's no room for filler. Make it special. Win/Win. Two songs for a buck seventy-five in any digital format? Why not?
 But, i'd pay more for a vinyl 7" w/download. Just sayin'. If y'all want to last in the game you have got to get creative and bring on the new birth of the cool. Welcome to the future. Join us.

Let's get to the music. 

JB's new single hits off with Lemonade. Three-minutes and twenty-seconds of taut, molten funk-jam extolling the joys of squeeezing those lemons all night long
The B side is the type of mid-tempo thang that JB is so good at. Summertime Thang is a sweet and delicious, smoooth, super pop soul confection that reps the olde school respectfully without dressing up for it. The song simmers with longing for summer lovin' "after making so much love through the winter." Steamy, baby. 

If The Soul Of John Black can keep up this level of goodness from hit it to quit it, A Sunshine State Of Mind will be his best set yet. Rock the two streams below then throw JB some $ummer lovin'. Support the artists you love. You both deserve it.

BONUS: Quick clip of JB w/Nikka Costa paying tribute to Chuck Brown:

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