07 October 2012


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Black Mountain Moan is a newish band out of Missoula. They're off to a great start but have a ways to go. However, they have an interesting bio and I liked their...well...haunting song called Haunted a lot and they gave me permission to post it as a free down load for y'all. Say Thank You.

Here's a paste of their bio. Keep your ears out for these guys:

Black Mountain Moan is a Hill Country Blues band based in Missoula, Montana. Guitarist and Vocalist Zach has honed his guitar work and singing while playing with R.L. Boyce on a trip to Mississippi, who has been a part of Othar Turner and Jessie Mae Hemphill's bands, in Como Mississippi. Drummer Jeff has been playing off and on for the last 10 years. Having lived in rural communities in Clay Co. Tennessee Jeff absorbed the traditional music of Appalachian America. Bringing those rhythms to Montana and meeting Zach last year the two got together finding common ground in the blues and roots music from those regions. Vic Stampley was added to the lineup about 6 months after Jeff and Zach got together. Vic has been playing harmonica since he was little and spent summers with family in Yazoo County Mississippi. Learning blues harmonica on a hitch-hiking trip across the U.S. Bass player and freestyler Tahj Bo has recently joined the group bringing a deep groove to the music. A strong Mississippi back beat drives the hypnotic sounds of the North Mississippi hills that now ring out in the mountains of Montana. Black Mountain Moan has shared the stage with Lightnin' Malcolm and Cameron Kimbrough, Watermelon Slim, All Night Long Blues Band, Hillstomp, The Bridge, Yeti, and many more.

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