08 November 2012

Hangin' With OLD GRAY MULE ~ Like A Apple On A Tree

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If Lockhart, Texas is the BBQ capital of Texas then OLD GRAY MULE is the band at that BBQ. CR Humphrey aka (more or less) OLD GRAY MULE has made his best album yet, which is actually sayin' something because OGM has always been special, each album a little different while retaining that Texafied hill country thing. Humphrey started OGM out as a two piece instrumental outfit, started working with a few different drummers, then he started adding vocals, sometimes even his own. He does what needs to be done, he gets who needs to be got. 

This round he's got Lightnin' Malcolm doing some vocals, and some drums (a wicked guitarist as well, saying Malcolm just plays some drums is like saying a '69 Cadillac Coupe DeVille is a just a car,) south Australia's Snooks LaVie on vocals, cheerleading and harp, New Mexico's CW Ayon makes an appearance of course, as do a few other players, most notably Cedric Burnside. It's a sonically raw and immediate boogie that just makes you helpless but to get down. There's a lot to love here. Somebody has finally covered the Lyrics Born version of RL Burnside's Someday Baby, and to hear Cedric on his grandfather's classic Come On In is a haunting treat. This is OLD GRAY MULE so of course we get some instrumentals too, and as I've said before about OGM instros you never seem to miss the vocals. 

Like A Apple... is a confident sounding album with some strident boogies and tough, smart new blues that continue to establish fresh blues horizons. It's also a real funass album you can put on for the kids in the morning (just skip the cover of Stagger Lee!) and the grown folks at night. It's the blues walkin' like a man, it's the blues, as T-Model Ford says, "Like a apple on a tree...hangin'." 
This is what a Texas apple tastes like.

This is the album that'll get you through the winter. Your feet'll keep the floor warm, and your hips will keep greased and workin' through the spring. Dig it then give them your money.

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