09 December 2012

ALiVE AT THE DEEP BLUES FEST - Alive Records Artists Visit DBF and Record A Classic Live Scorcher

Chris Johnson @ Bayport BBQ where this was burned.
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This is the future's retro blues. This is our Blue Cheer, our Blues Magoos, our Buddy Miles, our Spirit, our post-Black Crowes/Keys/stripes music. Jimi'd and Jim'd, Sonny and revenant. The smell of weed in the woods and the Bad Company you keep playing filtered through the trees. This is that band you heard at the skanky bar under the bridge that one time that blue your mind with groove and  black lit stories....but it's ten years later and they're ten years older but still crushing the sound of your youth.  

This is the album you give your cool mom or dad or an old friend for xmas (after you burn it for yourself), sit down with 'em across the kitchen table with good bourbon and cold water, maybe you'll step outside for a joint, but this is gonna be your soundtrack and your going to remember the moment. 

Recorded at DBF founder Chris Johnson's Bayport BBQ joint in Minnesota June 29-July 1st 2012 it documents why Alive Records is such an important asset to hard blues based rock and roll. The seven bands here hail from Alive's stable and range from Radio Moscow's Van Halen Fair Warning played by Hendrix sound VS. Buffalo Killer's CSN/Cursed Diamond 'Crowes to Left Lane Cruiser's Zep-infected hill country with a knife behind its back and a big smile party blues to the tautly noisy polishing rag blues of the Welsh team of Henry's Funeral Shoe - yet they are all cut from the same cuffed and dirty worn just right pair of 501's. It's super rock with out posture, it's dirty ragged blues without a society, it's (D) All of the above. Get some.

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