20 March 2013

SMOKESTACK and THE FOOTHiLL FURY - High Roads And Hard Shoulders

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Ol' Smokey, best known for his tight, intense One Man Band sound, has done a one-eighty on us for High Roads and Hard Shoulders. The man tells me "this is more country-type stuff, all my own but kinda far from the blues stuff."  

Now, as you know I'm not one to quibble much over genre specifics and genre rules but as Saint Townes said “There’s only two kinds of music, Blues and Zip-a-dee-doo-dah” and as far as i'm concerned this is as blues as blues is. 

Last I heard Smokey hailed from the mountains of north central Georgia but he has now relocated to the serious mountains of Butte, Montana and the music on this album music falls straight and fluid like a river that might run down the valley between the two. Elements of Townes, Gamble Rogers and their boys crossed with the gentle southern elegance of Larry Jon Wilson's final album makes for a lovely listen. Smart, honest and personal lyrics makes this a keeper you'll put on repeat. 

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