28 September 2013

Have Y'all Heard The New LEFT LANE CRUiSER album Rock Them Back To Hell Yet? In a word, HOTDAMN!

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This is Left Lane Cruiser's new bruiser.  Another step forward from that little ol' punk infected blues band from Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Heavier than the Mid-west, this is what you jam when you get some beers and go muddin' in the mountains on Saturday afternoon. This is what you jam from your Chevelle by the campfire at night. This is what you jam alone in an airport strip motelThis is the 8-Track tape in your Kustom van.

Distorto blues howlers and boogies get beat down and
spanked in to shape by the great Brenn Beck on tubs n' skins, and his buddy and yours, the righteous Freddy J IV throwing down some simply savage slide guitar and vocals. Recorded (analog) in Ft. Wayne by Jason Davis, and produced by Jim Diamond, this is the sound of what Iggy and R.L. hath begot. 

If you miss pre-Rocks Aerosmith, early Seger filtered thru ninety-thousand miles of highway, you miss the rough blues they used to play at that nasty little bar in Downtown, Anywhere. You wish somebody was playing something like that shit? Then you need thisRock Them Back To Hell? Mission accomplished.

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