21 January 2014


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London's Miraculous Mule have released one of the coolest albums of the year. It's the sound i've been waiting to hear for a long time. 

Part AlabamA3, part Brit's covering remixes of R.L. Burnside (with a griming of Jon Spencer and/or Nick Cave) part Little Axe's dirty techno soul blues, a pinch of the salty sweat of Lomax's prison blues (and gospel) recordings, and slurried with heavy smarts, good taste, and respect for the music they're working with. 

Miraculous Mule's sound is blues and gospel at its root, but the band plays their music as if it came out tomorrow. The production is headphone/stoner-worthy, with lots happening deep in the mix to keep your ears pricked, but its done without detracting from the groove. 

I don't believe in best of's anything but if I did Deep Fried would rank high on that list. Kudos to Miraculous Mule for convening a truly brilliant and essential album. 

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Wade Hilts said...

I have seen a lot of really great posts on your blog. I am a 20 year old man who loves the Blues. I live in New Orleans and study under the older Bluesmen here: Little Freddie King and Guitar Lightnin' Lee (2 black guys in their 70s). I recorded with Guitar Lightnin' Lee in my bedroom the other day on a 1959 Reel to Reel tape recorder that I fixed up. I think you may like the sound: https://soundcloud.com/wade-hilts/hush-hush-guitar-lightnin-lee
Thanks for reading, I love your blogs.