23 March 2014

Mr. Scott H. Biram (Originally posted 07/03/07)

Scott Biram , like Hank Williams the 3rd, takes an old style of music and kicks it's ass so hard that it becomes new again with out becoming retro or kitsch or gimmicky in any way. Mr. Biram's love and knowledge of the deep and real early blues and country music is obvious and infectious as is his love of metal and bluegrass. If you've never been to see Biram live you are missing out on one of the best live performers i've ever had the pleasure to experience.

Not one of those weak bastards content to give you the same safe and boringly stoopid show night after night Scott mixes it up between covers you might have heard if you know yr early american music history well enough and his um...hits. No he's never had a hit record but from the audience response you'd never guess it. Even the songs you know and love from the Biram catalog will be played slightly different.

For me, and i'd assume for Biram as well, it's that element of surprise that keeps his show always fresh and always a thrill. Scott Hiram Biram hails from Prairie Lee Texas but is mainly from San Marcos Texas (zip 78666!) which lies halfass between San Antonio and Austin. That ain’t too far from Hondo, but far enough from Big Foot. Biram and his truck got flat creamed by a semi doin’ 75. One month later he’s back on stage at Austin’s famed Continental Club in a wheelchair with an IV hangin’ out his arm and flailin’ that ’59 Gibson hollow body like a man born again.

Scott Biram plays like a man possessed by the thought that this could by-gawd be his last gig ever and if he’s gonna die afterwards he’s takin’ yr ass and soul with him. A right fist full of bluegrass, the left filled with metal, and a hard gut full up on the deep, serious-ass, hard time blues. You’ll be praying fast for Biram to hit you again.  

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