06 April 2014

HiLLSTOMP thrown down the hunch n' buck (originally posted 07/28/07)

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HiLLSTOMP beats hell
in those west Oregon valley blues
crisp and grimey
deep pocketed full up
those old hill(side)country
so(i)ul and new
rainsoaked side alley pot holes
John/Henry's two man team
Half Fred with Faulkner's adze
handle R.L.ian resorazor
clatter HWY 7 riverside. stop.
Rollin' long enough 
haul up blowers, banjers, yellers, an dawgs
tracking Columbia mud 'cross
my gawdblamed kitchen floor loudly
Welcomed 'til all hours day and night.

I believe.

Hillstomp- The Woman That Ended The World - 2005

With the release of “The Woman that Ended the World” Portland Oregon’s Hillstomp deliver on the promise of the first North Mississippi Allstars 45 as well as those of RL Burnside vs Jon Spencer’s “Ass Pocket of Whiskey “ and moreover Hillstomp’s own debut which is still an exciting entrée to this fine duo. Artist’s like Hillstomp, Black Diamond Heavies, Mark Lemhouse, Gravel Road, Sugar Farm and others are kicking the blues alive for rediscovery by making it exciting and moving again in the same way Cream, the Stones, and Yardbirds did. They are selling us back our North Mississippi Country blues via a trip to the hills of Oregon and the streets of Portland.

Fans of the aforementioned artists will be thrilled by this new collection which includes originals alongside a Fred McDowell thing and some good Ranie Burnette from whom so many good things grew (look him up). Hillstomp plays North Mississippi flavoured American music and they play it snapped up and tightly wound. They play it on odd old guitars and tubs and skins and cans in a way that keeps your ears bent, head bobbin’ and feet slidin’. This might not be your old man’s blues. But it might should be.

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Nate Ness Monster said...

Great blog mate!
The blues is alive here in New Zealand!