04 April 2014

THE JOOKS OF KENT: The Righteous Return of the Raw Boogie! (originally posted 02/03/08)

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If nothing else The Jooks of Kent have succeeded in making what is perhaps the loudest album I have ever heard in my life. Like yr Sooper Chikan humpin' on the leg of Bob Log III.

The Jooks are a mean, jankety little three piece made up out of Chris Simmonds on mouth harp, Scarlett Rickard on drums, washboard and whathaveyou, plus Guitar/vocals by Tim Ray Rogers. They've opened for such punkass blues luminaries as Mr.Scott H Biram and Seasick Steve and are regulars on the Not The Same Old Blues Crap circuit. They also run their own lil' PUNK BLUES TRASH ROCK'N'ROLL night out in Folkestone on the coast of Kent.

But y'all don't care about Folkestone. Y'all just want to know what the album sounds like. Fine. Fine! It's a blind drunk stolen car spree, it's a phone call from your wife's ex-husband...from prison, it's the sound of the sidepipes on the neighbor's '73 Firebird, it's the AM car radio volume knob shoved all the way 'round til it snaps itself off and jumps out the wing vents. it's a brodie spinnin' thrill ride with with iggy's stooges and Majic Dick in the back seat of The Fall's olde '66 hot rod (motor kustom built by Jon Spencer (not Jesus) ) with the ghost of Hasil Adkins at the wheel and Cap'n Beefheart ridin' shotgun. Mud ballin' n' ass haulin' straight thru the Medway megaliths with the headlights smashed out by yr ex-Aldington Gang. I was drankin' on the first night I sat down to listen to the Jooks of Kents new album The Sun Shines On The Righteous and woke up the next morning in the garage with hay in my hair, a greasy wet harp stain across my forehead, a broken 2B drumstick in my back pocket, an E string tied to my ankle, blood on my teeth and mud on my knees.

The Jooks bring the distorted power of their raw boogie hard and sexy like some insane hybrid mutt dog cross of the earliest sounds of rock, roll and blues
I couldn't have been happier.

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