16 July 2014

What Kind Of Shit Is This? BOO BOO DAViS Meets Funky Scientists Blu Acid In A Digital Juke

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Jan Mittendorp and Misha den Haring, the recordists who comprise Blu Acid are reimagining the footsteps of Fat Possum's R.L. Burnside remixes while linking arms with the 1969 release The Howlin' Wolf Album, that mixed Wolf's tough, slanky blues with psych rock (even winking at the album title) to build a sound under Mr. Davis that is at once natural, modern, smart, and sexy.

Blu Acid say that when Boo Boo Davis walked into the studio and first heard what they'd done with his vocals and harp he said, "What kind of shit is this?" hence, the album title. I hope they answered, "Mr. Davis, this is the good shit."

What Kind Of Shit Is This? was recorded separately from Boo Boo Davis, just as the F.P. Burnside remixes were done. But unlike the wide-open, blues society disturbing, let's drag the blues into the future and make that funky shit into art...ness...of the Fat Possum mixes, Blu Acid takes the same junque that makes the Burnside stuff rule, and gives it a tough, raw, and live recording vibe, then a buff and wax polish with Massive Attack-like futurist roots tastefulness.

Purists can clutch at their pearls and pout about wether or not this is blues, or wether it serves the blues, or bastardizes it, even. Me? I don't I don't care. You shouldn't either. Any genre that remains stagnant dies. Music always evolves, always, just as you should. What Blu Acid have done, with the blessing of Boo Boo Davis is to make an excellent collection (actually an album) of kustom, modern, electronic, country blues that will serve to keep the sound alive. What Kind Of Shit Is This?should be bumpin' out of your car all summer and keeping you warm in the winter. Essential.

Note: This is also available on colored vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, at a limited edition of five-hundred copies.

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