14 April 2015

CHiCKEN SNAKE - Unholy Rollers

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   Have y'all heard the new Chicken Snake album? It's called Unholy
Rollers. Chicken Snake rocks the best of the blues of The Cramps and the Gun Club, the book love of X and Nick Cave, the ghosts of Jesse Mae Hemphill, John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley, and Junior Kimbrough, the cooked and crooked roots of Iggy and The Stooges, Johnny Dowd, Beefheart, Handsome Family, and of course the legendary Hasil Adkins! Chicken Snake combines it in their own original black and white (with technicolor swamp) New Orleans southern gothic style, that rocks as hard as it arts.

   Like a thing in the dark that's brusquely brushed past you, something chilling, thrilling, like the back of your ears touched by some dusty and kudzu covered Charlie Feathers and early Dr. John albums, Chicken Snake play dirty rock and roll pot boilers, part hard wink of evil juju blues bonfire in the middle of nowhere, and part late-night party on the covered patio, fetching beer out the iced down back of a hot rodded Ranchero.

   Jerry Teel (guitar/vocals - Ex-Boss Hog, Honeymoon Killers, Knoxville Girls) and Pauline Teel
(vocals and terrific photographer ) are partners in life and rock, and they make a terrific team, visually and sonically complimenting each other, and with the backup of Josh Lee Hooker on guitar, and Jessica Melain on drums they make for a seriously tough and interesting unit.

 Jerry Teel's historia de la rock music guitar tone is confident, sexy and stabbing, and his production on this album sounds sweet and sticky, but crunchy like a PBJ with extra nuts, muscadine jelly, sweet onions, and fried hot peppers. Pauline sings like the gal next door, but she's got a mess of razors and an ass-pocket of whiskey ready to go. It's brass-knuckle creeptastic '68 Elvis from the crypt blues and roll without pretension. Raw, honest, blood, sweat and murder, bad luck and trouble. Chicken Snake takes the often shiny, pillowed, and potpourried History of American Roots Music and drags its precious ass face-first through underground Louisiana swamps, across the dirty south's alleys and backwoods, stands it upright on stage and shines a hot, sweaty light on it...then makes it dance.

You need this. Get it. Vinyl album only via: teelmusic at gmail dot com

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