18 June 2018

CASPAR & The Howling - Down On My Knees

I was looking thru my list of drafts...stuff I've started but not finished, and came across this band from 2012. I don't know what happened, why I didn't write about them, but it's evidently too late now because them don't seem to exist anymore.

   No FB page...just a handful YouTube videos, a few things on soundcloud but they're mostly repeats of the videos, and one song on BandCamp: The semi-pro shot dark black and white one, the semi-pro-shot intimate augmented practice session one, the semi-pro-shot intimate black and white and scratchy gray two dudes playing on an old bus looking like they're from the late 30s one, one in a lovely light sepia playing a lovely cover of I Want To Dance With Somebody that looks all ready for the sadly ill-fated Couch By CouchWest to come back..someday one, and the pro-shot intimate practice session color video one.  They've vanished mysteriously, Caspar & The Howling. Enjoy, better late than never.

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