20 September 2008

Deep Blues Festival 2008 Compilation CD set in the works!

Chris Johnson, boss of the Deep Blues Festival, is currently working on a compilation of the artists that appeared at Deep Blues Festival 2008. The current plan for the two-disc live set will feature one track by each artist. A mock-up design is in the final stages featuring art work by DBF artist fave Christoph Mueller. Take a look:

For more info give Chris a holler.


cjohnson22463 said...

I tell ya that Chris has a future in hand modeling.

Ryan said...

that is the sweetest thing ever.

cjohnson22463 said...

It should be noted that this is all still in the very early stages of development. I'd love to see it happen, but nothing is certain at this time.

I do know that every day, I'm posting a new song on the festival myspace player.