22 September 2008

Mark "Porkchop" Holder

Mark Holder is a big man. In all ways. Big in size,skills,heart,soul and kindness.Can a man called Porkchop be anything but a sweet dude? Naw. But wait 'til y'all hear him play. You might think him mean. Porkchop is one of those guys that when you think of somebody playin' the real non-bullsht blues the sound you hope to hear in yr filthy little ears is his. Formerly cuttin' heads for The Black Diamond Heavies he's now gone stoned in L.O.V.E. with his Lady friend and doin' his own solo thing by his own bad self and sounds to me like he couldn't be happier. No disrespect to the BDH o'course but ya know how some (Most) solo players are boring and ya wish they had a band with them? Not so with Mr. Holder. While his work with the BDH was powerful and indeed, well,heavy, his solo work hits like a crushed velvet clad four by six. Big brother holds his own junque. And I know i've said it before and no doubt probably will again but you know the problem with some (Most) Harmonica players is that they never know when to shut the hell up and breath? Porkschop's got the taste and refinement of a full grown Chattanooga man and knows damn well that breathing counts as much or more than blowing. As Mark states on his MySpace page:

"The blues is a religion. You can hear it and feel just like you feel in church. Your head will bow, your eyes will close, hair will stand up on your arm. I can play it. I can make you feel it. I can. I was born in the country and raised up in town. I'm natural born able to shake'em on down."

It ain't braggin' if you can back it up buddy.
Mark "Porkchop" Holder can sure as hell back it up. Without mirrors.

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