09 March 2014


From his website bio:

"Brother Claude Ely recorded some of the most powerful and emotional Gospel songs ever made. Known sometimes as the Gospel Ranger, Ely spent nearly thirty years as a minister in the Appalachian heartland of eastern Kentucky, east Tennessee, southwestern Virginia, and eventually to a migrant community in suburban Cincinnati." 

There are two sources of music for Brother Claude Ely (unless you gotta lotta dough for the vinyl.) The incredible  Dust-To-Digital  Compilation  titled  Goodbye, Babylon is magnificent box set. You might not need a six disc set of various artist old-timey gospel that comes in a wood box with the discs packed in raw cotton. But I do. Or you can get the set from Ace Records from Amazon (or yr local guy, if you have one still), which is a twenty-three track disc of nuthin' but blazin' in holiness Brother Claude songs called Satan Get Back. You can also get copy of his bio Ain't No Grave: The Life and Legacy of Brother Claude Ely, written by his great nephew the Rev. Dr. Macel Ely II. The book is available HERE from Dr. Ely, as well as from Dust To Digital, and from Amazon:: Ain't No Grave: The Life and Legacy of Brother Claude Ely (Book and CD) However you get it, get some!


heidi kellner said...

Rick does it again - I've never heard of the awesome record label Dust-to-Digital, but now I'm in the know and $100 dollars poorer, cause I too need 6 gritty old-timey gospel discs! Thanks rick. you owe me a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken!

searchie said...

I mean !Everybody! needs these 6 discs. I'm not even religious.
-susan archie (art director, dust-digital)

Anonymous said...

I found this site for Brother Claude Ely's music. There is evidently a book and CD out about the man you mentioned. Very cool. I bought the book and CD at


Cool stuff ... Thanks.