09 March 2014

LEFT LANE CRUiSER: GiT SOME! (Retro repost from 02/15/07)

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Left Lane Cruiser hail from the source of most all good things: Indiana. 

Fort Wayne to be exact. No where near Turkey Run State Park but named after Gen. "Mad" Anthony Wayne. As cool as Indiana is (except for the summer when it's hot like a freakin' cast iron skillet with a beautiful cloudless thick blue glass lid on top) it's not the place one might think of when one thinks of the good ol' Punkass BluesBut then hell neither is Indianapolis which boasts of being the home of the early late punk blues band Chickenleg. And other than some river bluffs it ain't exactly much like Mississippi's legendary hill country. That does not stop Joe and Bren, the two-headed-four-armed-six-legged thing that is Left Lane Cruiser from draggin that ol' Fat Possum'esque sht thru the Black Swamp mud like a Brown County tornado til' it shakes and rolls and hunches full up of Deep fried chicken Blues, 1970's f150s with a Larry Brown cooler on the floor, broom stick n' wire slide and a couple of tubs and old skins maybe stole from Othar's back shed. It's greasy hot, shaved dry, and crazier than yr smokin' methd-up ex-girlfriend who keeps singin' Down By The River I Shot My Baby thru a two-dollar pawn shop mic she jerry-rigged thru that ol' gunshot b/w tv in the backyard and dedicating it to you with love mthrfckr. 

For fans of Black Diamond Heavies, T-Model Ford, Chris Johnson, Rev. Peyton, Scott Hiram Biram, Deltahead, Hillstomp, Honkeyfinger, Me, and all that mess.

Just buy the whole damn catalogue, Cracky.

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