04 November 2008


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You ever see film of cotton harvests in the old days during the change from man handled mules to the machines who replaced them? Full of clank and clatter, hollerin' and dust. That film was too old, too scratchy, too shaky for a soundtrack but somehow this odd and raw, grimy four piece from Calgary, Alberta, Canada has managed to roll an international harvester combine around the last couple o' hundred years of hard roots music history to raise and buck a genre busting bale of hay and dust devils into a rockin' hoedown and barbecue of urban hollerin' deep blues, Cajun street 'grass, and booty stompin' old neu time country that'd fit that old stock footage fine.

But wait...let's get this straight...a guy named Doug T in Dry Prong Louisiana tells me about a band from Canada who, it turns out later, is popular with Seasick Steve, a superstar ex-pat-ex-hobo three stringed guitar playin' american who lives in Norway, who is pals with a UK punkass blues and hard roots DJ/Ballin' The Jack record label honcho named Joe Cushley who told me in Florida about 'em? Right. Ok.

Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir claims to be founded on the premise that they wanted to play "a kind of gospel for the unbeliever". They have succeeded.

file: somewhere's under 16HP, not too far right of The Gourds and Tom Waits and
fairly close but left of .357 String Band
ps-xtra special thanks to Dave n' Sue, Stacy D, Cushley, and Doug T!

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Blair Chadwick said...

The AGMC rock! I did a podcast on them if you are interested, keep up the good work man http://blairsblues.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/podcast-4-agnostic-mountain-gospel-choir.html