01 November 2008


Nice review of
Deep Blues Festival 2008

from Honest Tune Magazine HERE.

Info on Deep Blues Festival 2009
is available HERE and HERE.

Each advance ticket sold goes into the running for fabulous prizes. So far a custom made Lowebow guitar as well as a sick collection of cds from Big Legal Mess records has been given away. What's next? Get yr ticket NOW and find out!

from Capo De Capi of the DBF Mr. Chris Johnson:
Hey,It's time to give away a stack of vinyl. I've got T-Model Ford, Elmo & Hez, Chris Cotton, RL Burnside, MS Fred McDowell & Johnny Woods, and Joe Callicott. We'll use the powerball drawing agin. There are 41 ticketholders so far. We'll use the first number drawn under 42 as the winning number. (In the sequence drawn, not after they are sorted numerically) The drawing is at 10pm central time tonight. Video can be found here after the drawing. ttp://www.musl.com/videos_pb.asp
If none of the five white or the red power ball is under 42, then we'll use the drawing coming up Wednesday night. Everyone's ticket number is listed on the myspace page and has been emailed to them. We'll only allow one win per ticket, so #34 Eric, winner of the lowebow August drawing and #39 Steve, winner of the CDs will be excluded. Tell everyone you know to order their tickets early to get in on these great prizes. The November Drawing will be for a complete set of the 11 posters from the 2008 festival. We have another cigar box guitar to give away in December. More great prizes to come each month. Thanks again,Chris

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